Home news Missing Washington hawk 'likely to land on shoulders' found

Missing Washington hawk 'likely to land on shoulders' found


A missing bird of prey with a habit of landing on people’s shoulders has been found.Mark Render, 25, from Washington, had stressed the Harris hawk would not attack residents or their pets.”In the wild – this kind of hawk lives in the desert – they’ll sit on each others’ shoulders to get a better vantage point,” he said.The bird was found by a dog walker in trees near Princess Anne Park and enticed down with a day-old chick.Mr Render said his pet, Ares, was “normally friendly” but could be frightened of dogs and unfamiliar people.

He had offered a reward after the bird escaped from its enclosure when wind blew the door open.The two-and-a-half-year-old hawk was bought for £350 as a young bird. It has a 1m (3ft) wingspan.It is used to a diet of day-old chicks and quail but would hunt pigeons and rabbits in the wild, Mr Render said.
Source: BBC Tyne and Wear