Home news Thousands mourn Northumbria Police officer shot dead in Canada

Thousands mourn Northumbria Police officer shot dead in Canada


Thousands of mourners turned out for the funeral of a former British police officer who was shot and killed while serving in Canada.John Davidson, 53, died while arresting a suspect in Abbotsford, British Columbia, on 6 November.Originally from Hawick in Scotland, he worked for Northumbria Police for 24 years before moving to Canada.Family members joined more than 8,000 others at an arena in the town on Sunday for the memorial service.

Abbotsford Police Department said the father-of-three had been responding to a report that shots were being fired from a stolen vehicle.Police chief Bob Rich said: “When that shot rang out, evil won. I cannot imagine a darker thing to have happen to us.”That man’s evil intentions, I totally believe, were to kill more of us. There was going to be a rampage in the city.”

Mr Davidson’s police partner, Renea Williams, said: “He was tough, but more than fair. That was evident by the number of people I have seen shake his hand after getting a ticket. “For a man who hated guns and never became comfortable carrying a gun after coming over from the UK, he was one of the first to step in and intervene when a call of shots fired came in.”Mr Davidson’s daughter Dina said her father always managed to keep work separate from family life.

Her sister Fay said it would be “agonising” to picture a life without her father’s guidance and support.A 65-year-old homeless man was arrested and charged with Mr Davidson’s murder.Northumbria’s temporary chief constable Winton Keenen, who was at the service, said: “Our sympathies go to John’s family and friends and I hope they can take some comfort from knowing how much he was liked and respected as an officer. John was a credit to the badge and devoted his time to the communities he served.” Mr Keenen presented a book of condolence, signed by John’s former UK colleagues and friends, to Mr Davidson’s family. There are plans to add Mr Davidson’s name to Northumbria Police’s Memorial Garden in recognition of his service.
Source: BBC Tyne and Wear